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Commercial Garage Doors Based On Your Needs

There are 3 main types of Commercial garage doors used based on your business needs. They are mainly made of steel or aluminum. Steel sectional garage doors are durable and come different sizes and price points. Aluminum sectional garage doors are corrosion resistant and would be required on businesses like car washes etc.

Sectional Doors

These sectional garage doors work very well for safety reasons, saving space and in extreme weather conditions and if damaged may work out less expensive to repair comapared to single panel garage doors

Roll Up Doors

There are many advantages for a roll up garage doors. Some of them are the abilty to save space, noise reduction, with no wheels, hinges, cables or grease. Secure as mostly made of steel and ideal for commercial buildings.

Fire Rated Doors

Fire rated garage doors are designed to stop or prevent fire and smoke for upto 4 hours on the path to the exit route for safety so that everyone can exit safely. With todays commercial products made from chemicals to solvents when a fire erupts due to accidents there is a safety mechanism in place.