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Dust-free tile removal is the process of minimizing the escape of particulates into the air during the removal process. This procedure protects the practitioners, pets, children, and other people in the vicinity. One particular particulate is crystalline silica. The National Cancer Institute explains that crystalline silica is a hazardous carcinogen that has the potential to cause extreme health issues. 

The danger of inhaling crystalline silica

Prolonged exposure to crystalline silica causes extreme lung problems, including lung cancer. The potential risks of this element have a standard address from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Other known damages from exposure to the dust include the following:

  • An incurable lung fibrosis form is known as silicosis
  • A respiratory illness like asthma
  • Reduced functionality of the lungs
  • Scarring of lung tissue
  • Lung infections like tuberculosis

While it takes a lengthy period of exposure to contract any of the diseases mentioned above, it is crucial to reduce the possibility of such cases. It is also essential for tile removing professionals to establish the best procedures and methods. 

How much does is dustless tile removal in Mesa?

The cost varies according to the size of the project and type of flooring. It also depends on the company’s policies for the price of each square foot. Different floor types and variables require different amounts of effort and machines. The price packages will be similarly different. 

Who benefits from dust-free removal?

Residential clients

Certain types of clients appreciate the service more than others. Residential clients with family members and pets who are susceptible to lung problems are particular about getting the best removal procedure. These conditions translate into allergies, asthma, and other illnesses.

Commercial clients

Some of the businesses that are keen on dust-free removal services include the following:

  • Restaurants
  • Health care providers like hospitals and rehabs
  • Assisted living and retirement homes
  • Schools and daycares
  • Religious locations like churches, convention centers and mosques
  • Entertainment places like casinos
  • Ongoing constructions that have established interior designing, flooring installations, and remodeling 

Can you trust all tile removal companies?

Various tile-removing companies market different removal schemes. Some firms believe that adding air handlers improves the process. The truth is that they may not have machines, which are powerful enough to suction off all the dust. 

Adding air handlers is not enough to compensate for the reduced efficiency. Consequentially, you may notice deposits of dust scattered in various spots in the house. 

What are the typical disclaimers of dustless tile removal?

Every project has a different process and will have different outcomes. You may still have surprises under the flooring even if you are the first owner of the house. The following aspects may cause minor complications with the removal of the tiles:

  • Presence of contaminants like curing agents
  • Looseness on grout lines
  • Possible damage to surrounding areas like baseboards, the cabinetry, and drywall
  • Contamination of the HVAC system
  • A requirement of additional costs to renovate damaged spaces and remove residue dust and broken pieces

Hiring a competent team will eliminate the complications that affect your budget and timeline. Floor Dozers is confident in our approach to all sorts of projects. You will receive a good customized job for your dustless tile removal in Mesa.

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