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These days, it is a lot more difficult to find a reliable paint brand that can fulfill your needs, especially for the interiors of your home. Many other names make promises that are not fulfilled, and in several cases, many are left in utter disappointment.

If you happen to be one of those with such an unfortunate experience, you can be assured that it will not be happening if you go for Eurolux. It is an interior acrylic paint brand that has been tried and tested for decades now and has since been providing consumers with top quality paint jobs.

A Shift to Odorless Paint

When Eurolux went into the market in 1987, its primary goal was to provide you, the customer, top-quality paints using traditional oil formulations. However, the odors that the finish emitted was too strong, that it needed overnight drying to have it all dissipate.

It wasn’t until 1996 when many consumers requested and even demanded odorless paint that will take much less time to dry off. Eurolux did heed the call of the people, and they came up with an alternative to the traditional oil finishes with waterborne ones. As it turned out, it was a hit among their customers, as the odorless acrylic variant is now a top-seller in the market.

The Brand’s Key Traits

Apart from the odorless paints, there are more reasons for you to opt for Eurolux finish retailer online as your go-to paint for any project that you may have. For one, it is a quick-drying brand, which only takes a coat of primer and two finish coats that can all be painted an entire day. If you are going for a matte finish, you can apply additional coats within just an hour.

If you happen to have windowless rooms in your house or establishment, this is also a suitable brand to use for its non-yellowing component. It can also be used in rooms that are not getting sunlight, as well as in rooms like the kitchen or your bathroom where there are white appliances.

With Eurolux, you also will not have to worry about making a big mess. The material of the paint itself is very simple to clean up. Just by using warm water and some detergent, you will be able to fully rinse off any paint residue from any surface, and from the brushes and rollers that you used.

Where to Get Eurolux Online

By now, you are probably asking yourself what Eurolux finish retailer online would be reliable enough to purchase some Eurolux paint. The answer to that question would be Fine Paints of Europe.

Fine Paints of Europe has been in operation for six decades now, and have been represented by the finest paint stores in the world. Today, they serve half of the 50 states in the US, including both Northern and Southern California, New York, and Washington, DC.

If you wish to know more about Eurolux and Fine Paints of Europe, or if you do not have a Fine Paints of Europe retailer around you, you may call 1-800-332-1556.

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