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One of the best ways to improve your outdoor space and add some shade is with a pergola. A pergola generally has an open structure that provides a much-needed respite in your yard. The pergola offers a beautiful appearance and will immediately update the look of your property. At Summit Concrete & Construction Company, we build all types of structures and are a top pergola construction contractor in Tulsa. Your new pergola will offer partial shade and protection and is ideal when you locate it over a patio or seating area.

Types of Pergolas

  • Patio Pergolas
    Patio pergolas are designed to custom fit on over your patio. If you have a large patio area you can choose to cover only a portion of it if you prefer. As a leading pergola construction contractor in Tulsa, we can install a structure that fits the exact measurements of your patio. The pergola will offer you some partial shade which will make your patio much more pleasant for you and your guests. If the pergola is on a patio it automatically provides a place where you can arrange outdoor seating.
  • Covered Pergolas
    Typically, a pergola has open slats or criss-cross sections, it doesn’t provide complete shade or protection from the elements. A covered pergola is the ideal structure when you want to make sure that it keeps rain and sun off your deck or patio. One of the most common materials for pergola roofs is metal, but you can choose other options if you prefer. You can even use long pieces of outdoor fabric to weave throughout the slats to create a cover.
  • Pergolas for Decks
    You can improve your deck’s usefulness by adding a pergola. As your go-to pergola construction contractor in Tulsa, we can design and install a pergola that will blend seamlessly with your existing deck, forming an outdoor room. We will work with you to help you choose the size, style, and design of the structure to ensure that it adds beauty and value to your home.
  • Raised Pergolas
    A raised pergola will sit higher than your patio to give the space better definition and character. We can install a raised pergola on your current patio or we will install a new patio to meet your specifications. The pergola is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to completely update the appearance of your yard and give it more texture and interest. The pergola is a great place to relax and enjoy your day outdoors.
  • Modern Pergolas
    Whether you want a pergola to partially protect your deck or patio or as a separate place where you can create extra outdoor space, we have the best designs available. Our pergolas are strong and durable and we install them as permanent structures. Pergolas do not require a lot of maintenance, so they always look good. Add some growing vines to make the structure part of your garden.

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Pergola Construction Contractor Tulsa

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Pergola Construction Contractor Tulsa

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