Heat stroke and heat exhaustion are two very serious conditions that can be caused by too much exposure to the sun and hot temperatures. The most common symptoms associated with heat stroke include a body temperature that is high, but a lack of sweating with red, flushed skin. A rapid pulse and difficulty breathing are other signs that you may be experiencing heat stroke. The most common signs of heat exhaustion include stomach cramps, dizziness, and confusion. Urine that is dark in color is another red flag sign that you may be suffering from heat exhaustion. These two conditions can be easily avoided by taking the proper precautions when exposed to high temperatures for an extended period of time.

Portable Misting Systems Explained

One way to beat the heat and avoid heat stroke and heat exhaustion is to carry a misting system that is portable. These items are rapidly growing in popularity, especially in states that experience high temperatures during the summer months. Portable misting systems can range in voltage and tank size, but most contain an eight to ten gallon tank that is refillable. These machines can typically operate for up to four hours without needing to be refilled. With the refillable tank, there is no need for a connection to a water hose, which means that you will not be held down by the length of your hose. Most systems are compact and lightweight to ensure easy transportation to any destination. While misting systems are useful nearly everywhere, they are especially helpful during outdoor events or at the pool or beach.

The Importance of Staying Cool during the Summer Months

Staying cool during the hot months of the year is important and cannot be stressed enough. Many cases of heat stroke and heat exhaustion could have easily been avoided with the use of proper shade and a quality misting system that is portable. If you are searching for one of these systems, you do not have to look any farther than Cool Off. We have an extensive inventory of name brand portable misting systems that range in PSI, voltage, and tank size. At Cool Off, we strive to provide competitive prices so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of a misting system that is portable. There has never been a better time to reach out to our staff at Cool Off to learn more detailed information about the various systems that we carry. Don’t let the hot sun get the best of you; stay cool with a misting system that you can take anywhere.

Not just for Home Use

Misting systems are not just for home use, but can be used at businesses as well. You can keep your customers as cool as possible at your outdoor venue without spending a lot of money. At Cool Off, all of our systems are reasonably priced and require very little setup. These systems are great for public beaches or pools as well as parks and playgrounds. Contact our team at Cool Off today to purchase a quality misting system.

Portable Misting System